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We are specialised in personal mosquito protection for many years. During this time innumerable globetrotters have benefited from our expertise.

This has enabled them to enjoy their trip and concentrate on the purpose of their journey – getting to know different countries and the people who live in them and gain an understanding of the cultures involved – without being bothered by insect bites or risking mosquito-borne diseases.

Providing protection during the night, our mosquito nets are notable for their quality and well-thought-out design. For protection during the day, we offer repellents and skincare products.

A little choice of our products:

Mosquito nets for different needs:

Low weight and easy fixing Outdoor Mosquito Nets for travelling
box shaped Mosquito nets
bell-shaped Mosquito nets
Dome nets
Head nets
Hammock nets
Special Fine Mesh Mosquito nets
Cotton Mosquito nets for indoor use in attractive looks...

Skin Protection:

Anti-Mosquito Milk
Applicator Sticks and Roll-On's
Sun Protection

Garment Treatment


Mosquito net Impregnation


Hook and Loop Fasteners


Netting for individual use in different mesh


Water Filters


Water Purification


and even more...

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